California Wildfires

by Ben Pfeffer

A widespread series of devastating wildfires have been scorching the state of California during October of 2017.

As reported by CNN, more than 40 people have died in the fires since Sunday, October 8, many of them being elderly.

CNN noted that many people are missing due to the flames. In Sonoma County alone, a total of 235 people are missing. Search dogs have been sent to look for the missing victims in Sonoma and all across California.

According to The New York Times, the causes of the fires are still unknown. However, gusts of wind flying at 50 and even over 70 miles per hour propelled the fire to be even more difficult to contain.

The fires have caused mass devastation to many in California. CNN notes about 6,000 homes have been destroyed by the recent fires. California already had a scarce supply of housing, and many people have been left homeless by the ravaging fires. About 100,000 people have been evacuated from fire zones.

The Santa Rosa Hilton Hotel burns to the ground. Photo from CNN.

Ms. Internicola, 51, reported to the New York Times that, “We’re staying with friends as long as they will have us; then we don’t know,” after her home burned to the ground in Santa Rosa.

CNN reported that the fires covered areas from North of San Francisco to South of Los Angeles, which is a total of more than 221,000 acres of land, in just two weeks.

There are many stories of people waiting or trying to find something and not being able to escape the unusually fast fires.

As reported by CNN, the home of the Peanuts’ creator (Charles Schulz) burned to the ground in Santa Rosa in the series of wildfires. He died in 2000, but his widow, Jean, 78, evacuated the home shortly before the fire reached it.

Students at North Attleboro High School told us their thoughts about the situation.

When asked about the wildfires and natural disasters this year, senior Axel Jeremie stated, “It’s so sad to see things like this happen. It seems like every natural disaster possible has happened recently to the most extreme lengths.”

Senior Geoff Wilson was asked about the victims, he stated; “I don’t know anybody personally affected, but I feel bad for people who were.”

Christa Domingo from Yuba County, who has lung problems and only escaped with one oxygen tank, reported to KOVR, “I’m lucky, and I’ve still got my family.”

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