Harvey Weinstein, and the Domino Effect Afterwards

Rielly Marcotte


One of Hollywood’s most influential people in the film and entertainment industry has been hit with allegations of sexual assault against multiple women. However, now that some women have spoken up, many more are following along to tell their stories.


Harvey Weinstein has been accused of sexually assaulting and harassing many of his co-workers, employees, and even some of the famous women in Hollywood for decades. There is also allegation of intimidation and, in the more serious cases, rape.


Harvey Weinstein and his brother, Bob, started their former concert promoting business, Miramax, in 1979 and then went to become one of the most influential film companies of the 90’s producing many popular and classic movies such as Pulp Fiction according to The Washington Post.  Their following company, The Weinstein Company, influenced even more than just film such as television, magazines, Broadway shows, and even some political activism, according to RollingStone.com.


The accusations against Weinstein were brought to light by a recent The New York Times  article. According to the Times, allegations have been made against Weinstein for over three decades. All of these allegations have been documented through interviews with current and past employees, along with film industry workers, legal records, emails, and internal documents from both of Harvey’s companies.


Weinstein told The New York Times, “I appreciate the way I’ve behaved with colleagues in the past has caused a lot of pain, and I sincerely apologize for it. Though I’m trying to do better, I know I have a long way to go.” He also stated that he will be taking a leave of absence and working with a therapist to deal with his problems “head on,” according to The New York Times.  


The bombshell Times article has resonated not just with Hollywood, but people around the country. North Attleboro junior Elijah Boyd said, “ I thinks it’s absolutely disgusting how someone who is such a huge name in the entertainment industry can get away with something like this for so long.”


Harvey Weinstein’s harassment and assault allegations from many famous women in the industry have opened up a floodgate in Hollywood. Many are taking the Weinstein sexual assault, and going to Twitter with their own stories of harassment or assault.


Alyssa Milano, famous actress, activist, producer, and former singer took to Twitter on Sunday, October 15th, and urged many women to speak up with the two words “me too” if they have ever been sexually harassed or assaulted in any way. This movement took off, with more than 200,000 tweets with those simple words by 4 a.m. Monday morning alone, as reported by The Washington Post.  


The simple words “me too” have a simple message behind them. Sexual harassment and abuse have been going on for centuries, despite how awful it is. However, many say that sometimes it is the woman’s fault and that they get harassed and abused because of the way they dress or act. But that is never the case. Women, and even men, have been sharing their stories about being sexually abused and how it is not right. But should all of this have come out sooner?


Junior Grace Conant said, “I believe that the more people speaking up, the more effective any change will be.”


While people are now getting upset over this big Hollywood producer sexually abusing women for decades, our own President has said he has sexually harassed women. As written by U.S. News.com, President Trump was recorded saying, “I just start kissing [beautiful women]. It’s like a magnet. Just kiss. I don’t even wait. And when you’re a star they let you do it. You can do anything you want.”


President Trump went on to say even more disturbing and inappropriate comments on the subject matter. So while many are upset with Harvey Weinstein, he’s not the only to blame. If Donald Trump can brag about sexually harassing women on a microphone and still get elected as The President of the United States, then that is going to lead to more powerful and famous people thinking they may be able to do the same.


No matter who is doing it, or who is the victim, sexual abuse is not okay. Men and women are sexually harassed daily with, a lot of the time, no consequences, making people think it’s okay. The ‘me too’ trend on Twitter is trying to show that it’s not. It’s goal is to show the number of victims who are harassed, abused, and assaulted world wide in hopes to awaken the minds of people and put a serious stop to it.


A number of celebrities have joined in on Twitter too, including actors Rosario Dawson, Debra Messing and Anna Paquin, acknowledging that they, too, had dealt with similar experiences.


The Harvey Weinstein case, as horrific as it is, has brought a lot of attention to sexual abuse victims, and many hope it inspires a change in society’s views on sexual abuse.


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