Pet of the Week

Rielly Marcotte

NAHS’s own history teacher Mr. Ferguson has two very cute dogs named Calvin and Hobbes.

Calvin is an 11-year-old border terrier, and Hobbes is an eight month old chocolate lab. Calvin has lived in two houses previously with Mr. Ferg, and Hobbes is so big he doesn’t even look like a puppy.

Both dogs love eating, especially Hobbes, said Mr. Ferguson. They also enjoy swimming, going on hikes, playing with Mr. Ferg’s daughters, going on walks, and playing soccer. As Mr. Ferg explained, “I mostly just kick a soccer ball and they chase after it.”

When asking where he got the names for his dogs, Mr. Ferguson said he named them after his favorite characters from the cartoon comic:r Calvin and Hobbes.

“The deal is, my wife gets to name this children and I name the dogs,” said Mr. Ferg.

Mr. Ferguson also jokingly added, “I sometimes like my dogs better than my children.” when talking about his two daughters.

While these are Mr. Ferg’s only dogs at the moment, he told me that he wished to get two more dogs some day with the names Lionel and Lucy, after the characters in Charlie Brown.

I asked North Attleboro High School English teacher Ms. Curran for her thoughts after having babysat Calvin. She said, “ Calvin is so whiney and annoying, but he is so sweet and loving it makes up for it.”

Both of Mr. Ferguson’s dogs are a playful, energetic, and cute companion anybody could love, which is why they are The First Launch’s Pets of the Week.

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