By Zach DeMattio
Another fall has rolled around in the town of North Attleboro which means yet another season of Powerpuff has begun.
Powderpuff Football in North Attleboro is not taken lightly. For decades, Senior and Junior girls have gone head to head in a flag football game. With help from the Junior and Senior football players, great game plans and competitive spirits are always brought to Beaupre Field during Homecoming week.
The Senior sideline has more potential than ever. Coming off a brutal loss 26-0, offensive coordinator Aidan Harding has made some crucial changes. When asked what changes were going to be made on offense, Aidan said, “The offense has more options to look for with the new schemes put in.”
Along with the Harding offense, the seniors’ defensive side of the ball is in need of changes after giving up 26 unanswered points last year.
Adam Eberle, linebacker coach said, “We know what we have to do different this year. We have lots of great defensive game plans that are expected to shut down the Juniors offense.”
The Juniors sideline will vary because of the inexperience of Powderpuff. Coach Nick Ranieri doesn’t seemed too worried for his team. He says, “The girls have been working hard the past couple of weeks. We had to start from ground zero and build up.” When asked about his players, he replied, “The girls football intelligence is very good, and we should be ready to go for Sunday.”
To see how the Juniors will respond to their first year of Powderpuff will be exciting for everybody to watch.
If you are thinking about making an appearance to the game Sunday the 22nd, you must be on the lookout for the top studs that will take the field on Sunday.

Key Players to Watch
Rachel Labonte- Senior, QB “She has learned the offense well and is really quick in the pocket.”-Aidan Harding
Leah Jette- Senior, RB
Emily Pastore-Senior, QB
Lauren Dowd- Senior, LB “Lauren holds down the defense and is a playmaker.”-Adam Eberle
Cat Brennan- Senior, DE,OL
Steph Ingles- Senior, DE, OL
Olivia Gedgaudas-Senior, C
Celine Ibraham -Junior, RB “Going to be the fastest player on the field.”- Nick Ranieri
Sam Hawkins-Junior, RB
Brianne Westcott-Junior, LB “Brianne is a beast that flies around the field and makes the plays we need.”- Joe Larkin
Olivia Capobianca -Junior, WR

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