How early is too early?

4 Reminders for When You're Tempted to Skip Thanksgiving

by Samantha Gaskin

On November 1st, you walk into your local store to grab the last of the discounted Halloween candy and look around to see all the Christmas decorations everywhere. Driving in your local neighborhood, people are already decorating their houses. So where are all the Thanksgiving decorations? That’s what most people are asking when they see all the decorations everywhere.
Senior Ryan Penta said, “ As long as they’re accompanied with Thanksgiving decorations.”
Senior Zack Gould as he’s been out and about in stores also said, “Yes I do think they are putting up Christmas decorations too early. I think after Thanksgiving stores should start putting up Christmas decorations out.”
Other articles say how other countries don’t celebrate Thanksgiving and have their own different holidays, so they just skip right to Christmas, which is why the majority of the stores have Christmas decorations out.
Some stories are actually resisting the urge to capitalize on such a money-making holiday. Target announces they will actually wait until the holidays arrive, by waiting until after Thanksgiving to bring in the full Christmas blitz.
However, most stores are hoping that, by starting the shopping season earlier, consumers will come out shopping early and often, making this holiday season the most lucrative one yet. With the average amount parents spend on each child being $271, businesses see this as a big boost in sales.
In a parent’s perspective Theresa Gaskin said, “ I believe you should wait to put up Christmas decorations in stores until December 1st.”


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