North Attleboro’s 2017 Homecoming Rally

by Kyle Nelson


Every year, NAHS hosts multiple pep rallies. This includes the Thanksgiving rally, the winter concert, and the homecoming rally.  These rallies include a variety of competitive activities that include all four grades and even the teachers.

Among the most popular rally activities are musical chairs, Hungry Hungry Hippos, and tug of war.  Every year, students from all of the four classes look forward to these events, especially the homecoming rally. A week up to this rally, students have different themed school days. This year, Monday was pajama day, Tuesday was jersey day, Wednesday was Hawaiian day, and Thursday was USA day. On the day of the rally, each class decorates their respective hallway and all wear the same color to represent their class. Freshmen wear yellow, Sophomores wear green, Juniors wear blue, and Seniors wear red and black.

However, this year the rally went a bit differently. Monday through Thursday, everything went smoothly. Halls were decorated, students were cheerful, and the 2018 Senior class looked forward to their final Homecoming Rally at NAHS.

Yet, as everything seemed to be all set and ready, minutes before the classes were called down to the gymnasium for the rally, the fire alarm went off.

Students from all classes were shocked that this was actually happening.

“It didn’t hit me until everyone got up and started to leave the room,” said senior Courtney Tong. “At first I thought it was just the loud speaker. ‘It had to be a joke,’ I kept telling myself.”  

As usual, students left the school and went to their meeting spot outside with their homeroom teacher.

As the students reached their meeting spots, anger and frustration emerged.  

“This has to be a joke,” said senior Josh Rodriguez. “ I waited four years for this rally and the fire alarm goes off.”

Students stayed outside for over 20 minutes trying to find out what set off the alarm. As every second passed, students got even more irritated. Some began discussing rescheduling the rally.

Finally, the teachers instructed all of the students back into the gym for the rally. Each class went to their designated spot and the rally began with a mere 25 minutes remaining in the school day.

The rally began with the usual hula hooping contest and other games, but was cut short from some of the more popular events. With the lack of time, both the tug of war and the spirit contest were cut out of the rally, leaving many seniors furious.

Many started calling the rally the “20 minute rally.”

Senior Sydney Marchand said, “I was not happy at the outcome of our rally at all. I just hope the Thanksgiving Rally is a bit longer and better.”

She was not the only student to think this way though. Multiple other students hope the Thanksgiving Rally makes up for the Homecoming Rally.

As the Thanksgiving Rally approaches, students hope the entire fire alarm issue diminishes, since the beginning of school there has already been multiple occurrences when the fire alarm went off. As for the underclassman students, they just have to hope their senior rally is a bit better than this year’s.


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