Peace, Love and Lil B

By Lucas Foley


On Saturday, October 21st at the Rolling Loud music festival, rapper and internet star Lil B the Basedgod was jumped by 10 people affiliated with the Bronx rapper A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie.

The Basedgod responded to the malicious beating in the most unexpected way. He ran onto the stage at the Rolling Loud Festival and said:“A Boogie and his whole crew just jumped me in the back and beat me up in the back. That s–t crazy, man, but I’m gon’ tell y’all like this. It’s all love. I don’t promote violence. I’m never with the violence. So I love them and it’s all good.” After saying this he left the stage and went to the hospital.

The Basedgod is known for his love and positivity. The term “Based” means being yourself and not caring about what anyone else thinks according to Urban Dictionary. This term is synonymous with Lil B.

Senior Derek Shanks said, “ I think we can all learn something from the Basedgod.”

The Basedgod took to Twitter the next day and continued to spread his message of love and positivity. He tweeted, “Let me be your strength….. we are not violence! We do not retaliate! We do not support violence! Say this with me! Say it loud! – Lil B.”

On October 23, the man responsible for ordering The Basedgod to be jumped, A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie, tweeted “s.o the west coast for the communication. Not too many people got it in them to forgive that easy, as a man I gotta respect that.”

When asked about A Boogie’s response, senior Nick Sinacola said, “I am pretty surprised that he [A Boogie] said he respected Lil B days after he got him jumped.”

The fact that the man who ordered The Basedgod to be jumped shouted him out and said he respected him for his forgiveness only two days later shows the power of peace, love, positivity and the Based mentality.


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