Pet of the Week : Angel

By Zach DeMattio

This week’s Pet of the Week is Angel Gould. Angel Gould has been alive for 15 happy years. Zack Gould, a fellow Journalist, brought Angel into his family with open arms 14 years ago. Angel is a mini-dachshund that enjoys walks in the woods and loves chilling lake side at Bungay Lake.

Growing up, Angel was very hyper. She was always around Zack and his brothers, Mike and Nick, which triggered her excitement.

From a young age, Angel loved to cause havoc. Zack said, “She used to steal socks from the house and hide them under our deck.”

Angel weighs in at a whopping eight pounds. Zack and his family first met Angel at a local yard sale when Zack was seven years old. From that point on, Angel became part of the family.

Despite outweighing Angel by 60 pounds, Zack’s other dog, Madixe,does not fight with Angel. In fact, it’s Angel that does the bullying: she will often pick on Madixe by taking his bone. Since Angel is the smaller dog, this shows her bravery and toughness. Madixe knows not to mess with Angel because if he does, Angel will take his bone whenever she feels like it.

Angel is able to keep busy around Zack’s house and Bungay Lake. Even though Angel only weighs eight pounds, she is still able to roam around in the woods and enjoy the outdoors just like any other dog.

Another favorite activity that Angel enjoys is hanging by the lake. Zack’s house is located on Bungay Lake in North Attleboro. With a large dock and a beach area, Angel is able to enjoy the nice views and waterfront attractions. Even though Angel loves the lake, she is not a very big swimmer. Most of her summer days consist of her digging holes on the edge of the water.

Angel is loved by everyone around Zack’s neighborhood. Chad Peterson, a neighbor of Zack’s, said, ”Angel is like family. One day she wandered into my family’s Thanksgiving dinner and just hung out, that’s how close Angel is to my family.”

James Young, another one of Zack’s neighbors said, ”I have known her as long as I have known Zack, [and she has] always a very well behaved dog.”

Angel Gould is loved by anyone to come in contact with her. Angel’s mischievous ways, small figure, and loving personality makes Angel the hot topic for “Pet of the Week.”

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