Red Sox Hire Alex Cora as New Manager

by Daniel Masek

On October 22, 2017, the Boston Red Sox announced that Alex Cora would be the manager for the 2018 season. Cora, 42, will be the second-youngest MLB manager, older than only Kevin Cash of the Rays, who is 37. The Red Sox made the hiring official after the firing of former manager John Farrell.

Cora has played for six MLB teams since 1998, and he debuted for the Los Angeles Dodgers at shortstop, playing next to his brother, Joey Cora, at second base.

Cora is currently a member of the World Series-winning Houston Astros as a bench coach and infielder. Now that the Series is over,he will join the Red Sox.

Aside from his role on the 2017 Houston Astros, Cora has no experience in management or coaching. According to the Red Sox President of Baseball Operations, Dave Dombrowski, “What we’ve been really lacking in is communication between players and coaches, and I think Alex gives us an invaluable resource in someone who can relate to players, being a former player….. he played with [Dustin Pedroia] in ‘07.”



Cora is from Puerto Rico and speaks fluent Spanish, which would help address the problem of player communication with 12 out of 37 current players being of Latino heritage, according to

Red Sox fan and NAHS senior Geoff Wilson said, “I think hiring Cora is just the beginning, not a rebuild just a revamp I guess.”

There are reports from Ken Rosenthal that the Red Sox plan to make major moves this offseason and plan on being a contender for the 2018 season.

Canon EOS-1D Mark II with a 300mm lens.  Serial#:207335.  Shot at 800 ASA at  1/640 @ Ä3.2 using sRGB Normal.
Photo By Matthew West

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