Top Four Holiday Locations

by Ben Arrighi

Rockefeller Christmas Tree
Photo by

Top Four Holiday Locations


With November coming to an end that means the start of the holiday season is almost in full effect. Below I will list the top 4 holiday locations and activities.


  1. A Christmas Carol at Trinity Rep:

Traditions run deep in the theater district of Providence. Every year actors and actress from Trinity Rep put on a classic well put together play all throughout December. People of all ages go and sit down for a Christmas classic, which gets them in the holiday spirits. Our very own North Attleboro middle school has even taken part in going to see the play. Senior Trent Marsella stated “ The field trip to watch the Christmas Carol with all my friends was one of my best Middle school memories.”               


  • Rockefeller Christmas Tree Lighting:


Every year, New York City follows a tradition that has been going on since 1945. It was first done to celebrate the end of the war and make up for all the Christmases troops missed while fighting overseas. Since 1945, the tradition has continued and a large Christmas tree is put up in Rockefeller Center. Senior Tommy Lockavitch said, “ I think everyone should go to see this special place at least once in their life.”

This year’s tree is a 75 foot Norway Spruce that has over 50,000 lights covering it. Rockefeller Square also offers ice skating which is centered right near the tree.


  • The National Shrine of Lady La Salette:


Every year the people that work at the church/ shrine of Lady La Salette in Attleboro decorate the entire place for Christmas. The entire campus gets covered in over 300,000 lights. People from all over the world come to look at the display they put days and days into setting up.

NAHS senior Connor Maciver commented, “the best thing about the shrine is it is family friendly and you can go to church after a incredible light show.”

  1. Boston Common and Faneuil Hall:  

Christmas in Boston is like no other. It has a way of transforming some of the most historic places in New England into a Christmas wonderland. Every year, the Boston Common is turned into a showcase of Christmas trees all decorated differently. Local Residents have claimed that every morning they wake up it feels like their in another world.

Senior Cole Jarchow commented, “Boston Common is like North Attleboro rowdy crowd on a game day.” Some trees are even donated from Nova Scotia as a gift for the holidays. Everywhere you go in Boston in December is decorated to the fullest. Faneuil Hall turns into a place of live Christmas music and a Christmas craft show that is held every year.

New England is home to some of the best holiday spots around the world and in the country. Whether you celebrate Christmas or not you can still go and enjoy all the time and hard work that is put into making a perfect holiday season.



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