STUDENT VOICES: Is News Bad for You?

by Samantha Gaskin

In the article “News is Bad for you and giving up reading it will make you happier,” written by Rolf Dobell from The Guardian, Dobell argues that news misleads, kills creativity, doesn’t offer an explanation, and increases cognitive errors. Many writers have fired back saying that that idea is flat out wrong, while others disagree.So what do you think? Is news bad for you?

Most writers in their arguing articles claim that news keeps us informed, keeps us safe in an emergency, makes us think and expands our ideas.

Senior Mariam Shawish agrees. Shawish said, “ I believe that news is good for you and we need the news to keep us educated and informed.”

The majority of the people I interviewed said the same thing, that watching or reading the news helps educate us on what’s going on in the world and keeps us in “the loop.”

Others have a different view on news saying that it’s biased and one sided.

Courtney Tong said, “ Not all news is bad because some educate us on events that are going on in other countries besides ours, but what makes it bad is the controversy on the event.” She also added, “Some news favors one side more than the other.”

Mario Bresko also said, “ No it’s not bad, it’s just very biased.”


In my opinion I think that some aspects of the news are very biased and one sided only showing the parts the public want to see. On the other hand news can be helpful by showing us what’s going on in the world and warns us if something is dangerous. At the same time like senior Cammie Beckett said, “No it helps to educate the public on what’s going on in the world to better society.”

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