Bio: Aakash Sunkari

by Matt Quinn

Journo-PictureAakash Sunkari is a sophomore at North Attleboro High School, who is on the cross country and track and field team at the school. Sunkari also participates in science club, debate club, serves as the vice president for his class, and does model senate.

Outside of school, Aakash has put a lot of time into a science project that he has been working on since June of  2017. The project is an ARC reactor, which is a small device that can produce hundreds of megawatts of power, enough to power a city like Boston for 60 years. Aakash won the state science fair at MIT with his arc reactor project, which so far has been his favorite high school memory.

An arc reactor is the device that powers Iron Man’s suit in the hit Marvel series Iron Man. It is embedded in Tony Stark’s chest, and gives Iron Man’s suit all of its powers.

When Aakash isn’t winning state science fairs, he enjoys listening to music. He has a diverse taste in music with his favorite genres being rap and heavy metal. Some artists he likes to listen to are 2pac, Eminem, Neffex, Metallica, and AC/DC. Aakash also as an interest for video games; he plays CS Go and Fortnite on his PC.

Aakash is interested in politics and identifies as a Republican. As such, he is a big fan of what President Ronald Reagan did during his time in office. Sunkari explains, “He really helped us in so many ways during the cold war.”  He went onto say that Reagan helped the economy as well.

Some goals that Aakash would like to accomplish by the end of high school is to finish his ARC reactor project and embed it into an Iron Man suit, be on varsity for both cross country and track, get in 16:00 range for his 5k time, and run a 4:30 mile.

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