Bio: Josh Mendez

Josh Picby Henry Bosland

High school is a critical time for everybody. During this time most people are easing into adulthood and many people experience big changes in their lives. Josh Mendez, a senior at North Attleboro High School was in for a major change when he moved from Boston to North Attleboro freshman year.

When Josh was younger, he lived in Boston, growing up in Hyde Park and Jamaica Plain where he went to middle school with kids from all over the city.

In this environment, Josh said he developed into a bit of a “trouble maker”. He explains that in the Boston Public Schools it was “all about pride” for the students. There would be many fights and it was difficult to really learn in an environment like that.

Growing up, Josh shared a room with his siblings and he said he always wished to have his own room. Before the start of freshman year, he had the opportunity to move in with his dad and have is own room. So just before the start of high school, he moved from Boston to North Attleboro.

What he experienced in North Attleboro was far different than his childhood in Boston. He said that here, “students are way more easy-going than the students in Boston.”

Josh enjoyed his first year at North Attleboro High School because it was a new experience for him and he liked to have some change. Since then, he has considered moving back to Boston, but realized it would be more beneficial to stay at NAHS for all four years of high school.

Looking back, Josh said, “I’m glad I have matured because I believe it will get me  a lot farther in life than how I acted before.”, but he wishes he could still be more patient.

In the near future, Josh wants to go to college to become a nurse practitioner and has looked into schools such as UMass Boston and Roxbury Community College, but hopes to tour more schools soon. He is glad he has taken Anatomy and Health Careers because it has given him a strong basis to work from for what he hopes to do in the future.

Josh hopes to someday visit Puerto Rico or the Bahamas and have a stable job as a nurse practitioner later in life.

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