Bio: Matt Quinn

by Aakash Sunkari

The North Attleboro Class of 2019 has a lot of unique students, and senior Matthew Quinn exhibits an interesting story that he’s bringing to the NAHS community.

In his last two years at NAHS, Matt Quinn has been a vital player for the Red Rocketeers football team as a linebacker.

Teammate Matthew Warsofsky describes Quinn as “an athletic player that keeps all the starters in place when he helps out on the scout team.”

Another teammate, senior Liam Conway said, “It’s his first year playing for North football, but he makes it seem like he’s been playing with us forever. He’s getting better every week.”

Matt was not always a student at North Attleboro High School; in fact, he transferred from Tri-County Regional Technical Vocational High School. He tried engineering, but Quinn states that “it wasn’t my cup of tea.” He regrets switching so late to NAHS,, but is glad he decided to do so.

While he’s not winning football games, Matt enjoys hanging out with friends and playing the video game phenomenon Fortnite.

“I have 0 wins, but I have squad wins” he claimed.

If he would have the chance to sit down and talk with anyone in the world, he would talk with Conor Mcgregor. Quinn explained, “The man rose from nothing. He first played soccer, he didn’t like it. He was homeless, living on the streets. But then by working on his craft, MMA, he was able to make a living.” Matt said that he could probably learn some life lessons from Mcgregor.

When asked the age old philosophical question, “If you could go back in time and kill baby Hitler, would you do it?” Matt had an interesting answer: “I would say yes, because he killed all those innocent people, but history is history. The Holocaust and WWII taught us a lot, and we can’t erase history. You could say modern history, technology, and society is all because of WWII and Hitler.”

Quinn identifies politically as a Republican. If he could re-elect any president from United States history, he would “definitely re-elect Reagan. I think he did a great job, economically and militarily, during the tense Cold War.” That’s not to say that he doesn’t like our current president, Donald J. Trump. “I love Trump,” he stated. “I think he’s doing a great job running our country – lowest unemployment rates for all races, and a 4.1% GDP.”

Matt has the ambition to become successful in the sports management field, but that’s not his only dream. “There’s more to life than money, for me,” explained Quinn. “I want to have a good family – nice kids, and a good wife.” Matt has said that he’s not too ambitious on money-making, but would definitely take the opportunity if he got one. As far as seeing where he’d want to be in the future, Matt says that it matters on his job – where ever the job goes, he goes.

Matt Quinn plans on attending Bridgewater State, Framingham State, or The University of New Hampshire to pursue his career in college.

One could say Quinn has a multifaceted story, and is getting ready for the next chapter of his life.

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