Bio: Matt Warsofsky

Matt W Pic
Submitted Photo; taken by Patty Hitchcock

by Quinn Lewicki

Matthew Warsofsky is a senior at North Attleboro High School, in his first three years of high school Warsofsky has been a part of football and wrestling.

Warsofsky has been involved in football since he was seven years old and he started wrestling in sixth grade. He was also involved in baseball and basketball when he was younger.

Even while participating in football and wrestling, Warsofsky still finds time to get homework and studying done after school and on weekends. This has allowed him to make the honor roll every year since sixth grade.

To help with balancing  school and sports, Warsofsky recommends getting your homework done before a late practice and not wait until after. He also said that he studies on weekends to help keep a good balance between school and sports.

When asked what keeps him motivated to stay involved in school and sports he replied “learning new things and using them in everyday life.” He also said sports allows him to stay in shape and be social.

Warsofsky said even though high school has had its ups and downs for him, “North Attleboro High School is a really good community, and that makes it easy to talk to teachers and other students.” He also commented saying, “One thing I wish I could have told my freshman self is to stop worrying about drama.”

When Warsofsky is not in school, playing football, or wrestling he enjoys watching television and hanging out with friends.

Warsofsky’s plan is to go to a good college and get his doctorate in Physical Therapy after high school. He said his goal for the future is to “one day have a nice house and a family.”

In addition Warsofsky said that he would like to visit Israel in the future. Although he has many plans for his future Warsofsky says, “its ok to wait, don’t try to rush things.”


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