Bio: Quinn Lewicki

FullSizeRenderby Joshua Mendez

North Attleboro High School senior, Quinn Alexandra Lewicki shares one of her favorite hobbies which is dancing.

Lewicki started dancing at the young age of seven, and stopped dancing a couple years ago due to the difficulties of balancing her school work and dancing.

Lewicki states, ”It was just becoming too much… I was dancing multiple times throughout the week and it just became very difficult to balance it with my academics.”

She usually danced to jazz and tap music, but also attempted Hip Hop. She usually danced in groups, instructed and choreographed by her instructor, Ashley. She and her group would have rehearsal for eight months then would perform at recital that took place at Franklin High School.

She developed an interest in dancing after being inspired by her best friends and neighbors. She states, “My neighbors, who were also my best friends, had already been dancing for some time, so that inspired me to give it a try.”

She explained that her favorite thing about dancing was having ”an activity that I’d always look forward to doing, and being able to do something fun while being with friends.”

However, she didn’t appreciate the fact that dance took up a significant amount of her time, which ended up making it difficult to balance dance with her academics.

She states, “it just took up a lot of time during the week and began to hinder my school work.”


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