Dunkin’ Donuts Name Change

by Matthew Warsofsky

The illustrious Dunkin’ Donuts has been a main staple for people as one of the most popular coffee and donut shops all around the world since its creation in 1950. This store sells numerous products like bagels, croissants, and a variety of donuts. Then there are numerous kinds coffee and tea flavors.

Last Tuesday, Dunkin’ Donuts announced that they are now dropping “Donuts” from their name and by the start of January 2019, they will simply be known as “Dunkin’”.

According to CNBC, the main reason for the name change is because 60 percent of their profit now comes from their beverages, compared to how when they first opened up, the majority of their profit came from donuts alone. Another reason would be because in their actual slogan “America Runs on Dunkin’” which was created in 2006, doesn’t have the word “Donuts” in it either. After that slogan was created, people seemed to react positive to the change in name however nothing was made official until now.

After this change on Tuesday, Dunkin’s stock rose one percent and they are hoping it will raise more by January of next year.

The Dunkin’ corporation believe it will create a new energy in all stores with the new name change.

Damon Randall, a local Dunkin employee said, “I’ve been working here for six years. I usually work the night shift and not that many people normally come in at night. Hopefully with this name change, more people will realize we sell a lot more than just donuts and will convince more people to show up than just in the morning.”

Liam Conway, an NAHS student said, “I go to Dunkin’ in the morning before school every once in a while. I normally order a $2-3 iced coffee but no donut. I am not that surprised of the reasoning for the name change only because I know so many people that go there only to get a beverage or some other type of product besides a donut.”

Liam also said that the name change won’t necessarily make him want to go to Dunkin’ more often only because it costs a lot to go.

There are more changes Dunkin’ is doing besides the name change. They are also planning on opening 1,000 new stores nationally in the next three years and are planning on completely remodeling the interior and exterior of the common Dunkin’ look. They are also planning on changing all of the logo idea with the “DD” coffee cups on it and change it to only say “Dunkin’”.

Sophomore Aakash Sunkari said, “I personally don’t think this name change would affect it as one of the major power houses in the coffee industry, it’ll simply make it better.

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