Chromebook Distribution Begins

Chromebooks began to be distributed to the freshman and sophomore classes at NAHS starting on October 31, in accordance with the school’s new technology plan.

Students and parents are required to sign several release forms on the school website outlining the expected use and other guidelines regarding the chromebooks.

The idea behind this is allowing all students to have a device to use as a learning instrument as many teachers are giving assignments online and a laptop is now considered a necessary part of the classroom at NAHS.

Principal Haviland stated that all students have the opportunity to benefit from this program, even the seniors.

“The goal is to use technology to support students in their learning and help them create a readiness for life after high school,” he said.

The school district decided to invest money in this new technology after passing the town’s tax override, which allotted more funds to the schools in North Attleboro.

Many students, however, disagree and believe that the laptops are not needed in the classroom.

“It’s basically just a browser,” sophomore Aakash Senkari explained. “You can’t keep anything on your desktop, it’s just Google Chrome.” According to him, even many educational sites are blocked online.

Other students are concerned about what they read in the fine print of the school’s technology agreement. Senior Katie Daby commented, “They can be useful in the classroom but [school administrators] having full access to your personal information and having GPS tracking in them is ridiculous.”

As it is a concern for many students and parents that having a school-owned computer is a liability, they can purchase insurance on the laptops which covers accidental damage amongst other things.

Students aren’t required to get a chromebook through the school, though it is strongly encouraged by administration. Students are welcome to use their own device in school as long as they abide by the school’s policy.

Most teachers are looking forward to having the students use their Chromebooks in class. Mrs. Violette, an English teacher at NAHS, said she thinks it is beneficial for students to be able to type and do other assignments on their Chromebooks in class and she plans to implement them in her curriculum.

This is a crucial step that many schools are taking to promote digital literacy and overall improve the learning environment for students with today’s technology.


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