New Teacher Profile: Mr. Malaxos

by Quinn Lewicki
Mr. Malaxos is among one of the many new North Attleboro High School teachers this year, and one of three new faces in the science department.
He was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York, but moved to Upstate New York in the 9th grade. Mr. Malaxos has talked about the two different extremes, going from living in a huge city to moving to upstate New York, where his class size was significantly smaller.
Once he moved to upstate New York, sports including football which he previously had played were no longer available for him to play. Not playing football allowed him to spend time on school work, and he explained that he was not used to putting effort into school before. He allotted all the time he would have spent playing sports to studying, and suddenly became a much better student than before in Brooklyn.
When asked who has been the biggest influence in his life, Mr. Malaxos responded, “I was inspired by Ms. Donnegan, my resource room teacher, who taught me that one person at the right time in a student’s education can make a life-changing impact. She realized that I have dyslexia, and she taught me strategies to learn effectively and to believe in my ability to be a good student.”
After graduating from the State University College at Oneonta, NY with a B.S. in Chemistry and Mathematics and a minor in Physics, he decided to further his education. Furthering his education he attended graduate school at Harvard University, Tufts University, and Brandeis University, where he earned a M.S. degree in Chemistry and Biotech at Tufts, and a M.S. degree in Chemical Physics from Brandeis.
At North Attleboro High School, Mr. Malaxos is currently teaching Physics and Earth Science. He says, “I love teaching science, I have taught a variety of classes such as Biology, Bioethics, Chemistry, Earth Science, Engineering, Robotics, Physical Science and Physics.”
In addition he says he has also worked in sales selling auto parts before teaching and solar panels and steam traps while teaching.
Mr. Malaxos says, “teaching is most enjoyable to me when I am able to aid students in the development of their critical thinking skills, and they are then able to competently apply knowledge in new and useful ways.” He has known he has wanted to teach since the ninth grade.
Mr. Malaxos is not a first year teacher coming to NAHS. Before coming to teach at North Attleboro High School, he has taught at Westwood, Wellesley, and Notre Dame Academy, as well as other schools. Mr. Malaxos says, “I have been teaching for eighteen years.”
Outside of the classroom, Mr. Malaxos enjoys spending time with his daughter and wife. He also enjoys reading and solving logic puzzles.

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