Pet of the Week: George Labonte

by Liam Conway

This week’s “Pet of the Week” is Brett Labonte’s bearded dragon George. George is eight years old, weighs in at half a pound, and stands three inches tall and eleven inches long.

George is a very even-tempered, relaxed and carefree reptile. He requires minimal care, and is very resilient and unaffected by the sounds of video games and loud music.

When George isn’t sleeping, he enjoys basking under his heat lamp, and climbing his tree. His favorite foods are lettuce and crickets, and he especially enjoys chasing his crickets before he devours them in his cage. George also enjoys bumping to Future and other hip-hop artists with Brett.

“I’ve seen George glow up when Future comes on. I can tell he is a big fan,” said Junior Andy DeMattio.  

When asked about his favorite memory with George, Brett recalled a time when George bit his sister’s shirt because he thought it was food.

Photo from Brett Labonte

Senior Mike Carty said, “I’ve known George for a while now and although he sleeps a lot, he’s a really cool guy. I wish I could be as cool as him.”

George has a swagger that cannot be messed with. He is a very interesting and special reptile, and is better than your average pet; he is a loyal and entertaining species, and there should be more pets like George in the world.

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