Seniors Vs Juniors Powderpuff game

by Matthew Warsofsky

On Sunday, October 14th, North Attleboro’s senior class girls took on the junior class in the annual Powderpuff game on the new Beaupre Field. The final score of 20-0 shows the senior’s incentive to take out their aggression and prove how much they improved compared to last year’s loss. In addition, there were also a lot of new key players that contributed to the game.

Key players for the seniors included Powderpuff M.V.P. Sam Hawkins, Delaney Sherman, Julia Feid, Abby Calistra and Liz Smahi. Key players for the juniors included Ashley Cangiano, Cassidy Becker, and Lily Cameron.

Senior head coach Bryan Engler said, “There was a lot of preparation that came into this game and it took an entire team effort to take practice as seriously as we could.”

Prior to this game, both teams were only allowed to have two practices, which many believe is what seriously gave the seniors the advantage in experience. This is due to the fact that they had the experience of running the same plays as last year, so they only needed to simply relearn what they already knew. Keeping this in mind, the seniors also needed to teach the offense to their new quarterback, Julia Feid, who couldn’t compete in last year’s game due to an injury to her wrist.

Even with this in mind, Ryan Boyle, the senior offensive coordinator, said, “Julia was able to quickly learn how to run the offense because her dad used to coach the freshman football team and ran very similar plays. We purposely didn’t tried to not over complicate things but she had an amazing game.”

The seniors came out hard with what would have been a 65-yard score by Sam Hawkins that ended up getting called back for a block in the back. Then seniors had to drive down the field that lead to a turnover on downs after a failed run on 4th down.

Then, at the start of the second quarter, Ashley Cangiano and the rest of the juniors had their opportunity to run down field after a few controversial “roughing the passer” penalties on senior Delaney Sherman, which also lead to a turnover on downs. Following the turnover, the seniors scored quickly with a 69-yard touchdown on a sweep by Sam Hawkins.

Following the senior’s drive, the juniors attempted to score before the end of the half, which only lead to the clock running out on them after a failed pass on 4th down.

Then the juniors started with the ball in the third quarter and started off on a good note after a 65-yard run by Cangiano that was saved by senior Abby King from being a touchdown.

After the long run, the seniors had a goal line stand when on third down: Senior Olivia Bishop swatted down the football followed by a fumble recovery by Julia Mechlinski for a turnover that took them into the fourth quarter.

Then on 2nd down, Sam Hawkins had a 95-yard touchdown, which included juking out defender Cassidy Becker, who had 5 flag pulls during the course of the game.

In a desperate attempt to score, the juniors attempted passes deep down field which only lead to another turnover on downs.

With seniors having the ball, coach Boyle allowed Julia Feid to do whatever plays she wanted to do, which lead to a touchdown pass to Abby Calistra and a two point conversion catch to Ashlyn Gaulin.

Then with one final attempt to scored, the juniors tried to run the ball with junior Maria Fitian which led to a tackle for loss by Delaney Sherman.

Senior Matt Quinn said, “I think both teams played extremely well. I think the seniors being able to run the ball was what gave them the win. I think the senior coaches wanted to run up the score at the end of the game when they constantly went for 2-point conversions, but overall it was a good game.”

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