The Best Things About Fall

by Quinn Lewicki
It’s fall now, which means it starts to get darker much earlier in the evening and is dark waking up in the morning, the temperature outside cools down significantly making it easier to participate in activities without the unbearable heat, and the leaves start to change color from green to red, yellow, and orange. As the leaves fall off trees, little kids will rake them up and jump into the leaf piles.
The holidays are approaching, but the crazy holiday season has not yet started. Here are what people say are some of the best things about fall:
1.Comfy Clothes- whether it’s a cozy sweater or oversized sweatshirt and leggings or sweatpants, people always find ways to stay comfortable and warm in the fall.
2. Cozy fire- It’s always fun to sit by a fire, whether it’s inside or outside . Inside laying by the fire watching TV is always a great way to spend time with family. Bundled up by a bonfire outside telling scary stories is very relaxing also.
3. Pumpkins- Finding the perfect pumpkin at a local pumpkin patch is always an enjoyable weekend activity. Many families will carve the pumpkins and make jack-o’-lanterns as a holiday tradition and some just simply place the perfect pumpkin on their front steps for trick-or-treaters to admire on Halloween night. Marissa Soares says, “My favorite thing about fall is Halloween.”
4. Fall fashion- Lots of fall lovers get excited for fall fashion. Boots find their way out of the back of the closets and everyone wears various colored flannels. It doesn’t matter the gender: boots are a staple for all in the fall. For women, ankle boots or knee-high boots have been popular in recent years. As for males, work boots are always in style for the fall. Beanies and blanket scarfs are two of the top accessories during the fall. As for coats, both men and women are often found wearing vests which allows for some warmth while still showing off a cute flannel shirt.
5.The Food/Beverages- Hot Chocolate is always a hit during the fall season. Some people enjoy this nice warm drink with marshmallows and whipped cream on the top, while others enjoy it plain. Whether you pick a hot chocolate up at your local coffee shop or make it yourself at home, I think we can all agree it is always better made with milk.
Another popular fall beverage is apple cider. Whether it’s warm or cold, many people enjoy this fall staple throughout the fall season.
Pie, including pumpkin pie, is a must have for many at least one time during the fall, for most this one time is on Thanksgiving. Many enjoy snacking on some Halloween candy, if they aren’t the type to eat it all in the first week. Some are fond of caramel apples for a nice sweet treat, you can enjoy making them at home or avoid that stress and buy one at a nearby farm shop.
6. Pro Football- Many enjoy sitting down on the couch to watch some football on Monday and Thursday nights, and all day Sunday throughout the fall. This is a time for people to come together to do something they enjoy, and many people have football parties regularly. This can be a relaxing pastime for most. It can also be a stressful and fun time for some including Ross Lewicki who says, “The best thing about fall is football, and participating in Fantasy football with all my friends.”

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