“NAHS student faces the difficulties through high school, but still plans on achieving her dreams”

By: Sarah Marrow

brass saxophone on gray table near black bag
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

For any person, High School is difficult and not everyone can find that “safe” place to help them survive high school. Unlike most students, NAHS senior Annette Limoges found her safe place through music. Music gave Annette confidence and a sense of belonging, despite being on  the Autism Spectrum. 

“Autism causes people like me to feel insecure and self- conscious because I’m ‘’different,’” Annette says.  Autism can also affect people in different ways, but people typically have similar difficulties in learning. Specifically, being able to focus on a single task for a certain amount of  time. 

Annette enjoyed Ms. Violette’s class because she made her class engaging to her, resulting in her being Annette’s favorite teacher. Ms. Violette describes Annette “as a hard worker and artist.”

Annette is part of the marching, jazz and concert bands, and spends much of her free time practicing in her house.  Annette plays the baritone and alto saxophones,and is currently teaching herself the clarinet and trombone. She plans on continuing her band journey throughout her lifetime after high school because she “feels more confident” when she performs. Her happy place is playing music and performing.Annette says,

 “In college, I want to join anything that is band related and also when I get older can join town bands or something along those lines. Because I’m more confident when I perform and I’m happy when I perform.” 

In addition to her enthusiasm for band and performing, Annette is also passionate about trying to save the environment when she gets older. 

Annette tells another interviewer, “I would like to become some type of environmental engineer.” She then told me that she “wants to prevent and mitigate any disaster that could happen.” 

As Annette moves on with her life, she wants to be some type of environmental engineer that helps the world’s environment. Coast Guard Academy, Mass Maritime, and URI are possibilities for Annette because they contain her major and have a music program as a bonus. Another reason that she picked those three colleges is because their a close distance compared to her house. 

“They have my major I was looking at and they also have band stuff. Also, their nearby so I can just drive to my house,“ Annette said. 

Annette’s not sure as to how she’ll save the environment but she’s sure that herself and her future team will help direct the world into a better environmental state. 

“I’m not confident in this, but I’ll try. I’ll work together and try to make people on the same page as me.” 

Later on, Annette plans on looking at companies anywhere that will provide her a job, and  is willing to travel. However, when Annette gets older her plan for retirement is moving somewhere in the desert. 

“I am willing to work anywhere and when I retire I want to live in the desert like Arizona, somewhere dry and warm,” Annette said.

In the meantime, Annette is looking forward to working hard to save the environment and pursuing her happiness through music. 

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