North Senior Excels with Busy Schedule

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By William Yeomans

It’s hard to fit more into a day than Nick Digiacomo does as he juggles schoolwork, his job, and hockey almost every day of the week. The North Attleboro senior starts his day with school first thing in the morning then heads over to Shaw’s for work, and lastly, he drives to the rink for practice. 

“I fix my work schedule around hockey, but sometimes I just can’t make it to hockey. Normally I do my homework late at night after practice or work.”

Despite rarely having time to do much, Nick says that when he does have free time,  he likes to play video games and listen to hip/hop music with his friends Cam Gentile and Zack Vincuilla.

Ethan Chu,  Nick’s goaltending partner, spoke about Nick’s commitment to the hockey team. 

“When he comes to practice he works as hard as anyone else on the ice and brings some energy on the ice,” Ethan claimed.

Surprisingly, despite his tight schedule, Ethan is also able to fit time in to hang out with his parents and two sisters. When asking how often he hangs out with his family Nick reports that he spends time with his two sisters, Julia and Gianna, every day.

This busy schedule will help Nick prepare for the future he planned out for himself. . When I asked Matt Mordini, a classmate of Nick’s, how Nick does in the classroom he said: “Nick does well in class and loves to talk and share his opinion”. This means that Nick keeps up with his schoolwork pretty well despite his tiring schedule.

If Nick does not get into his dream school, Boston College, he plans to apply to Salem State University and UMass Lowell. He said these schools hockey programs played a big factor in the decision to apply there. When asking what the North High senior wanted to study in college he answered, “I want to study to become a police officer and then be involved in law enforcement in some way when I get out of school.”

Nick definitely wants to stay somewhat local because all of his top schools are in Massachusetts and when asking where he wants to live when he’s older, Nick said he wanted to stay in Mass. However, he does not want to stay in North Attleboro because he wants to meet new people and see new things. Nick also said he wanted a family, and would ideally have four children: two boys, and two girls. 

He would like to get married and live in a roomy, modern-style but not too extravagant home with his wife and children. When I asked about the type of car he wants, he was noticeably excited and interested in cars.

“I doubt I would be able to afford it but, Lamborghini Huracan. If I can’t afford the Lamborghini I would get a BMW m4”, he said. 

Nick has his ideal future planned out already. With his tight schedule of school, work, and hockey keeping him busy throughout his week he’s preparing himself very well for this bright future he wants.


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