Olivia Hewitt and her Sisters

submitted photo

by Liz Kenerson

“Boys are gross.” 

This is what Olivia Hewitt said  when asked if she wishes she had any brothers instead of her four sisters. When asked if they all got along, she told me, “yes, we go to the movies sometimes and to the store all together.” One of the reasons why she may get along so well with her sisters is that she is much younger than her sisters, with her next oldest sister being 38 years older. 

Olivia hasn’t always been so close with her sisters, because when she was younger, her sisters were doing things girls their age did while Olivia was still in elementary school acting the way that she was supposed to act.  

When she grew up and entered the stage that her sisters were still in, she felt like they had gotten closer. 

Olivia stated, “I get along best with my oldest sister Shannon.” They just click. Olivia explains that Shannon is someone that she can talk to when things go good or bad. They talk about work,  everyday life and they like to talk about the other members of their family when they start annoying them or just because it is something to do when they are bored.

However, Olivia and her sisters are true siblings, which means that they do not always get along with each other either. Borrowing clothes from each other is a right of passage when you grow up with sisters. Well, Olivia explains that nobody is borrowing anything, they are taking what they like out of your closet and keeping it for themselves. Olivia and her sisters have come up with a solution for the problem. One day they all have had enough of this, so “we put locks on our closets to protect our clothes.” 

I talked to one of Olivia’s friends, Mariah Daniels, and asked her for insight into Olivia’s relationships with her sisters.   Mariah said, “Olivia gets really annoyed with her sisters, the majority of the time, but has her moments where she likes them.” 

Another one of Olivia’s friends, senior Kyla Rodrigues, agrees with Mariah. When asked who Olivia’s favorite sister is, Rodrigues quickly responded, “ “Her favorite sister is Shannon and her least favorite sister is Courtney because she is the favorite child.” 

Favorite siblings aside, Olivia can’t imagine life without her sisters constant friendship and support. 

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