Student Profile: Ethan Chu

by Matt Mordini

Ethan Chu’s life has been anything from normal. He loves his friends, family, and hockey which he has always played. Some of his friends such as Nick Digacomo describe him as  “Great person who always puts people before himself.” and William Yoemans describes him as  “A friend who’s always there for you and a really funny guy.”

Ethan has attended the North Attleboro school systems his whole life. When asked about school, Chu responded, “This place is not fun.” However, he said that he’ll always remember the friends he made and the fun he had during high school. Ethan stated, “Doing a prank on my hockey coach was hilarious.”

Despite his general dislike for school, Ethan states that his favorite subject is English and his marks in school are “Decent”.  When he looks back on his high school experience, he says that he wishes he played lacrosse when he got to high school since he played when he was younger. He has always wanted to go to Umass and would like to be a physical therapist once he leaves college. 

Ethan has lived in the same house in North Attleboro his whole life with his family. Ethan actually lives in the Cliffs neighborhood. He walks to his friend’s house all the time and just walks through their door without them knowing. He just recently got a new in ground pool and a trampoline that’s in-ground as well. Ethan lives right next to the town water tower and right in front of the town power lines as well. He drives a Toyota Corolla to school, which only takes him about two minutes because he lives about a mile down the road.

“Playing stick and puck with the boys is a great feeling” Ethan has always had a special bond with hockey since he was 5 years old and hopes to win a state title with North this year. His dream has always been to get a D1 scholarship to Umass Amherst and become their starting goalie. Ethan would then like to get drafted into the NHL to either the Boston Bruins or the New York Rangers and be a brick wall in net for them. Chu has always had a love and passion for the game and would never want to play a different sport. 

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