Student Profile: Matt Mordini

Nothing compares to how much Matt Mordini loves soccer. He has been playing his favorite sport 10 years and he wouldn’t give it up for the world. He has many good and bad memories of his time playing soccer which was when he scored his first goal or when he almost tore his meniscus.  Matt now plays for the NAHS varsity soccer team. He is the team’s starting wing and is having a great start to the season with one goal and one assist in three games so far. Matt is hoping to get a scholarship to play soccer at Umass Lowell to play soccer for their division one team and is hoping to move on from there into the MLS. 

In his free time, Matt likes to listen to music and he said that, as of right now, his favorite song is “The London.” Matt also likes to play video games like Madden 20, NHL 20, and NBA 2K 20 on his Xbox and can spend countless hours playing against his friends playing these games. 

When he has free time, which he said is quite often, Matt also likes to play streetball and street hockey with his brother and sister.

Family is also a huge part of Matt’s life. “ I love my family,” he said when asked about how he feels about his family. His mother, Debra, and father, Paul, work tirelessly to make Matt and his siblings happy. He also has a brother and sister named Zack and Morgan. Matt is very close with his siblings and when he isn’t doing schoolwork or playing soccer he spends time with them. He has a lab named Cali after the sunny state of California and also has a cat named The Cat. 

Some of the more interesting things about Matt are that if he was to meet any celebrity it would be Tom Brady. When we asked him why he chose Brady he said, “because he’s a pretty chill dude.” 

Despite how normal Matt sounds he is a very quirky kid. When Matt was asked if he could live anywhere he said he would love to live on the moon. He also said that if he had anywhere he could visit he would visit Dubai. Matt’s dream car would be matte black Audi r8 and he said, “I would totally rip that thing all around town.” 

Matt loves black raspberry ice cream from his favorite place, The Ice Cream Machine.” If Matt had a million dollars he would invest in the stock market to gain more

 money. When asked what stock he would invest in he said, “NHL, Uber, and Direct TV.” 

Matt Mordini is a great kid who loves his family, has an undying love for soccer, and is always on the move rarely having time to do anything extra


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