Student Profile: William Yeomans 

Nick DigiacomoIMG-3087

Student-athlete William Yeomans loves to play hockey, watch funny shows, and hang out with his friends. Will has been playing hockey since the first grade, and his hard work and ambition has driven him to be the star defenseman that he is today. He has won the Massachusetts hockey state championship twice, and has played for several elite teams over the years.

I asked Will what his most memorable moment from hockey was and he responded,  “My most memorable moment so far from hockey besides winning states twice was when we beat Franklin for the first time since the hockey team was established, and I also got the game-winning goal.” 

When William isn’t grinding at the gym or on the ice, he said he “like(s) to play Call of Duty and NHL 19. I am very excited for NHL 20 to come out. But I am more excited about the new Call of Duty.” If he’s not playing video games, Yeomans explained, “I like to watch Game of Thrones, Rick and Morty, Trailer Park Boys and Football.” 

William is not just a star hockey player, he is also a star student who’s planning on applying to “USC, Florida State or Georgia. Hopefully I get into one of them. Once I get in I want to major in computer science, graduate and then find a job right out of college and make good money.” 

William said “I want a blacked-out BMW M4 with window tint, black rims, and a lot of carbon fiber on the inside” I then asked him what he would do if he won 1 million dollars and he said “Would invest it and make more money”

Jack Connolly, one of William’s best friends, said, “Will is one of the hardest working people I know. He is always on his game. He is also a great friend who is very funny and caring.” 

Another one of his friends, NAHS senior Dennis Morehouse, said, “He is the most genuine person I know and he’s a leader on and off of the ice.” 

William Yeomans is a hard-working, ambitious kid with big dreams. He is constantly reaching for excellence, and is always pushing others to do their best. William is a great role model and an even better friend. 




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