Student Shares her Experience in Applying to College

Sarah Marrow is currently a senior at the North Attleborough High School and is already very focused on planning her future,- an important and difficult task for any high school student.

Senior year is never easy. Students have to deal with added stress due having to finish their college applications and have a hard time figuring out what they want to be in their future, and for Sarah, it’s no different.

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Regarding college applications she stated, “The hardest part of applying to college is making sure I’m applying to the right college.”

In addition to finding the right college to apply to, there is the difficulty of the application itself, specifically the essay. When asked what advice she would give to younger students, Sarah explained, “I would have set aside more time for the application process.”

When asked if she had any worries about college she stated, “I don’t really have any worries about college. I’m just going to miss my mom and dogs.” 

She is planning on going to East Carolina University, where she will get a nursing degree and then a dental degree and become an orthodontist.

However difficult and stressful the application process is, it is an important step and a learning experience for all students looking to attend college.

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