The One Where The Show Turns 25


By Isabella Erti     

Submitted Photo


     With the 25th anniversary of Friends coming up in mid-September, it was the perfect time to write about the wonders that makes it the best show of all time. To prove that theory, 17-year-old Taylor Gorman of North Attleboro had a lot to share about the very popular and widely watched television show called Friends.


Friends came out in the year 1994 and ended in the year 2004, but it has continued to be a popular watched show among many kids that didn’t grow up during the years the show was actually being aired. Taylor is for sure one of those people that didn’t grow up watching the show, but learned to love it anyway. 


“ I began watching Friends long after it ended, but I still felt connected to it, and it was easier being able to binge watch it on Netflix rather than waiting week to week for a new episode,’’ Taylor said.


With there being ten full seasons of Friends, there are many memorable quotes that come to mind. 


“It’s hard me for to just pick one, but the one that pops up in my mind the most is when Ross said, ‘WE WERE ON A BREAK,’’’ Taylor said. She continued to explain that the question as to whether or not Ross and Rachel were on a break is one of the most controversial parts of the whole series.


Despite loving the show, there are still some areas that Taylor wishes things happened differently.


“ I really wanted Joey and Phoebe to get together, because I always felt that they clicked very well and always understood each other, ‘’ said Taylor.


After ten years, the series Friends had to come to an end whether or not people liked it or not. It is always hard for any series to end because fans always count on seeing what is going to happen next, and when that ends it can be very hard to accept that. While many series finales are criticized by loyal viewers, Taylor felt it ended on a pretty solid note. 


“ They did a good job, but I wish they went into more depth showing Chandler and Monica in their new house with their new babies,” Taylor said. “I also wish they showed them all in the future so we could have gotten an idea on what they were up to later on in life.”


    When asking a friend of Taylor, Mariah Daniels, if she could picture Taylor’s favorite television show as Friends, Mariah responded that she was surprised.


 “I could see Taylor enjoying more of a drama series, or something that gets more and more intense and leaves you hanging.” 


  Taylor is hoping that they don’t end up taking Friends off on Netflix, because she has been rewatching all ten seasons over and over again over the years and she will be very devastated if they remove it. Friends will continue to be a fan favorite no matter how many years go by, and fans will continue to love, laugh, and enjoy the series we call Friends.

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