Big Dreams of a 17 Year Old

By: Kyla Rodrigues

As Mariah Daniels is beginning to apply to colleges, she is thinking about how her future will unfold. Throughout the application process, she is starting to realize some difficult challenges she has faced during her school years. 

When asked about any past regrets, Mariah stated, “I wish I never quit my sports and stuck with them.”  Having sports or any extracurricular activities on her application is a significant factor in getting accepted to college. 

Luckily, Mariah is the self-proclaimed “Vice President” of the Friends of Rachel Club, which is about filling the school with kindness, at her high school. The club’s president, Olivia Hewitt, says Mariah is “always giving a helping hand.” Her ability to communicate and help others will play a big role in her future career. 

While thinking of careers Mariah wanted to pursue, she ultimately leans more towards ones with less schooling. Mariah described her biggest weakness as not being motivated and “not able to understand certain academic areas naturally.” This is a weakness that could cause her to struggle in the future during and after college. 

Mariah works not only one but two jobs and still manages her time for school. By working two jobs, she was able to successfully accomplish one of her biggest goals: buying her own car. Mariah says, “working teaches me how to manage my money and do things I don’t want to do.” It’s ideal for her to be able to manage her money now because that is a priority in the future. A fellow coworker, Sierra Antonitis, stated that “Mariah is very hardworking when there is a task at hand.” 

Mariah wants to continue working after college and plans to be a realtor. She grew up in a home that was not her style. As she got older, she started realizing that there were many other houses that were much more appealing to her. Seeing beautiful houses all around, she realized she wanted to be a realtor and help people so they love their house unlike her. She’s hoping her realtor career takes off fairly quickly so she can finally live in her dream house. 

Her ideal future is living with her husband and kids: her two girls, who she wants to name Harlow Grace and Kennedy Paige, and her two boys, who she wants to name John Paul and Jaxon. She wants them to grow up living in a house they adore. 

Mariah wants to retire at a young age and travel the world with her husband. Admiring her grandparents and their lifestyle, Mariah dreams of living in Florida after she retires. 



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