A look into the Hock 5

by: Ethan Chu

Varsity Football

In this edition of a look into Hock sports, we will be focusing on the football team. This year’s NAHS varsity team has been underwhelming, to say the least. There have been many changes to the team from last year due to many seniors leaving to go to college. Also, this year there have been changes in game times and days due to the EEE virus in North Attleboro and surrounding towns. Now the games are held every Saturday afternoon rather than the traditional Friday night. 

All the students are hoping that soon they will be able to go back to their tradition of those rowdy Friday night games. Senior Will Yeomans said, “ I can’t wait until the first frost so the games can go back to Friday night.” 

The team itself is not having the best season either. As of now, they are 1-3 and things aren’t looking too good. They started off the season with a tough game against King Philip HS but ended up losing 25-7. Senior running back Duane Bryant said, “It was a tough game but they are a good team so we could keep our heads high after that game”  After, they had a rivalry game against Bishop Feehan HS. This game drew in more fans and students than any game all season. After a hard-fought 60 minutes, North Attleboro ended up prevailing 38-27. Since then, it has been a downward slope for the NAHS football team.

They had two games since the Feehan matchup against Foxboro and Milford. These two teams are known to be really good, so North knew that they would have to put in their best effort. In the first of these games against Foxboro, our NAHS boys put up a good fight to start the game off but as the game went on they just couldn’t keep up with the superior Foxboro team and lost 14-21.

In their toughest game of the season against Milford, it went just as everyone had expected. As much as all the North Attleboro students wanted their football team to win we all knew it was a long shot. The NAHS boys put forward their best effort but in the end, they were on the wrong end of a blow out losing 45-19. As of now, North Attleboro isn’t currently the Hock 5, but they are hopeful they will make it soon.

Elsewhere in the Hock, powerhouse teams like Mansfield, King Philip, Canton, Franklin, and Milford are dominating every team they play. Mansfield, the team leading the pack in the hock five, currently (3-1) in division 1 beating BC high, Taunton, and King Philip. Next in line is KP high school. They are also (3-1) and have beaten NAHS, Foxboro, and Franklin. Then there are Franklin and Milford who have beaten the same teams. As of now the hock 5 and the playoff race is very tightly contested so we will keep our eye out on any changes. 

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