Baking Ideas  

by Liz Kenerson

Do you ever find yourself baking and you run out of an ingredient very important to your recipe? I have some good baking tips for you. If you run out of butter, or you want a

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healthier substitute for it, use avocado. For every ⅔ cup of butter or shortening, use one avocado. If you have fattening ingredients in your recipe, substitute them for cooked carrots or squash. It has the same density of the fat but it’s a lot better for you. Lastly, if you are baking a cake or a muffin and you want it to be dense, add about ¼ cup of applesauce to the batter.  


Creative ideas to spice up your kitchen:

Baking the same old thing over and over can be boring. If you always bake cakes, make them naked. YouTuber Kristin Johns said in one of her videos that, “I had a naked cake for my wedding and it was gorgeous.” A naked cake is when you put as little frosting on the outside, enough to hold the layers together but not enough where you are completely covering the cake, you want to see the cake itself.

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If you are baking just to bake, it’s fun to bake until you have no more ingredients to bake with. Make as many muffins as you possibly can until you run out of flour or sugar. Guess how many you can actually make from the ingredients you have. 

Baking with your family: 

Baking with your family can be stressful if you tend to like your own space. “Liz, our kitchen is too small for this, so it yourself” is what my mom said to me when I asked her if we could do a competitions. Everybody is in the kitchen all at once and they do not know what personal space means. Divide up the kitchen into sections, each person can only be in their designated area until it’s time to put the creations in the oven. Make it a family competition. Who can

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make the best chocolate chip cookie? When I bake, personally I like to be alone because I like things to be done a certain way, and done in my own space, but competitions are so much fun and can make for a fun family night. 

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