Homecoming-What Should Freshmen Expect?

by Bella Erti

Published by Jesscopublicschools.org

What if you were to go back in time to homecoming week of your freshman year? What were some of the things going through your head? There are so many things that go on during homecoming week that Freshman may not expect. Freshman come into high school a little nervous to begin with, so seeing all the crazy upperclassmen doing all sorts of wild things during homecoming week, it could be intimidating for those who have not been through it before. Because of this, here is what to expect during Homecoming Week.


First things first, we have to talk about how spirit week works. To show school spirit leading up to the big game and the dance, students come up with different themes to dress up as during the week. For this year, the list has just been released. On Tuesday the theme is sports teams, Wednesday is hippies vs. greaser, Thursday is meme day, and lastly class colors day is on Friday. If you are wondering if you should participate and if so how much effort you put in, you can go as big or small as you want. If you are willing to show some spirit and have some fun, then don’t be afraid to look crazy! If you are more on the quiet side and you don’t feel comfortable going all out, that’s okay.

One senior who typically goes big is senior Mariah Daniels. Daniels said, “ I love spirit week, because dressing up is really fun.”


 The rally happens on the Friday of the week, and it is also the same day as the big Homecoming game. During the rally, all of the classes come in by grade and sit in their designated spot on the bleachers. The seniors get recognized last and get to run in after everyone else.  “Running in is something that us seniors really look forward to,”  said Senior Alyssa Freitas. There is always a very big welcome from the cheerleaders, they do a dance to get things started. We then begin the games, speeches, the cheering competition, tug of war, and so much more.

If you play a sport and are a captain of a team, you get to participate in some games that we play. There is also a tug of war battle between all grades that happens which is very entertaining to watch. We will usually hear from some of our administrators as well wishing the football team good luck at their game. Lastly, we do a competition between grades to see who cheers the loudest. This is where Freshman are usually the most lost and confused…. So be ready to get yelling!!!


We of course have the football game that happens on Friday before the dance. It is basically just like any other football game, but since it is homecoming, you should be louder than usual for our football players! “The homecoming game really gets us excited and makes us play better than usual,” said Senior Football Player Jasper Harrop.

Lastly we have the Homecoming Dance. You can go with a group of friends, or maybe even a date. Girls get dressed up in short dresses and heels and do their hair and makeup, while boys might wear a white dress shirt, tie, and some black pants. Make sure you get together with some friends and take some pictures for memories, because it goes by very fast. Once you get to the school, the lights are off in the gym and it is time for you to dance the night away! 

“Just have fun, be yourself, take pictures, and make memories because High School flies by,” said Senior Olivia Hewitt.


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