Pet of the Week: Vivien Yeomans


Submitted Photo

by Matt Mordini     


French bulldog Vivien 


The first annual “Pet of the Week” is William Yeoman’s pet dog named Vivien. The grey French Bulldog who is 7 months old, weighs about 16 lbs and stands around 8 inches tall. Just two weeks ago, Vivien got spaided.

According to Will, Vivien is a very rowdy and loves to run around the house and play outside. She likes to go for rides in the car and stick her head out the window. What she loves the most, though, is sleeping, which is what she does most of her day.

Vivien loves to go for walks around the neighborhood, but she will run away if you take your eye off her. She loves to get treats and belly rubs and will even sit around and watch tv.

“Seeing Vivien growing up this quick is unbelievable, I remember when she was a tiny puppy,” said William Yeomans.

“I’ve only seen Vivien twice but I can for sure say that she is Travis Scott fan after hearing him in my car,” said Senior Ethan Chu

One of Will’s favorite moments so far with Vivien was when he took a nap and she decided to take a nap right on him. 

“Vivien doesn’t seem fast but when I tried racing her I lost by at least 15 yards,” said senior Nick Digiacomo. 

Vivien is a great dog with a wonderful personality and great to be around. Will hopes to make a lot more great memories with his fun, loving dog.

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