Restaurant Review: Chili’s

by: Sarah Marrow

hamburger and fries photo
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“Hi! Welcome to Chilis,” is one of the things customers always remember the hostess saying  when they first walk into Chili’s. The majority of Americans have probably gone to Chili’s. This branch has delicious burgers, great service, fantastic desserts, and so many more. 

According to Tripadvisor, a reviewer stated, “Chili’s is a very busy place but we were quickly seated. Chili’s has a great value of food, service and atmosphere.” 

Chili’s staff and service is for the majority of the time always betrayed as a positive thing. Chili’s staff is always friendly and always want to make sure that your food is the way you want it. Also, Chili’s makes sure you get everything you paid for. 

Natalie R, a TripAdvisor reviewer stated, “The servers are lovely, they gave us an extra iPad so our kids didn’t have to share and replaced our drinks in the blink of an eye. The food was fantastic and the prices were excellent.”

On the flip side, Chili’s service is not so great for birthday dinners. Many people have complained about bad experiences when they have big parties at Chili’s. Chili’s tends to not know how to maintain big parties by not bringing napkins, silverware, etc. Also, if you have a party you tend to wait for a ridiculous amount of time because most Chili’s don’t have room for big parties. 

NAHS Senior Olivia Hewitt went to Chili’s for her recent birthday dinner, and did not have a positive experience. She said, “My overall dinner was pretty good but the waitress didn’t bring us over napkins and no silverware. I waited 15 minutes to be seated.” 

Another thing Chili’s is known for is their burgers that you would die for. Chili’s has big mouth burgers which are different types of burgers. They’re huge so you will definitely get your money’s worth. Along with your big mouth burger you also get fries and pickles. 

Another NAHS senior, Mariah Daniels, states, “the burgers are delicious and juicy. Also, their options applied to my every need.” 

Chili’s is a personal favorite for people to go celebrate their birthdays at. Lots of people go to chili’s every year for their birthday because of the delicious food, especially the molten cake. 

A customer at Chili’s, Kyla Rodrigues explained that she goes to Chili’s every year for her birthday. She always gets the molten chocolate cake, which she loves and is “one of (her) favorites.” 

Lastly, Chili’s desserts will make your mouth water just thinking about it. A customer favorite is the chocolate molten cake. If you have gone to Chili’s and have not tried this molten cake you’re definitely missing out. 

Another customer at Chili’s, Taylor Gorman states, “The molten chocolate cake is super good and moist.” 

Overall, Chili’s is a place where you can take your family and get delicious burgers, excellent desserts and for the most part great service quality. 


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