Information for Your Road Test

By Annette Limoges

Many high school students are on their way to get their license. It can be hard to find time for lessons and driving hours.

Sarah Marrow, a student at NAHS explains that it is hard to set aside time: “The hardest part is making lessons because I have dance after school.” It can be very difficult for busy students to fit this into their schedule. The majority of students are busy after school with homework, clubs, and sports.

It is difficult for many drivers to find the time to practice. The website shows that  you have to have 12 hours of behind the wheel instruction and 6 hours of observation, 30 hours of in class lessons, 40 hours of driving with a licensed adult who is over 21. 

Because of these requirements, it is necessary to take the initiative when scheduling lessons. It is important to tell your parents when you are available to take a lesson or drive. The worst thing you could do is to keep putting it off. The sooner you finish the requirements, the sooner you can take you test and get your license.

The road test is the final step to getting your license. This is a considerable amount of stress for many new drivers.

Most driving schools will pick you up at your house. Before bringing you to the test site, they will give you a review lesson so that you can fix anything you missed.

The website explains some tips about taking your ride test. The test will typically be in a busy downtown area, starting at the local Registry of Motor Vehicles. When you take the exam, you will not be alone in the car, you must have a sponsor come with you. This will likely be your lesson instructor, but could also be you parent, as long as they are a licensed driver.

During the evaluation you will start by adjusting your seat and mirrors and demonstrating hand signals. You will travel along the main road and pull of onto a side street where you will demonstrate parking on a hill, parallel parking behind a car, and backing up 40 feet. Always be sure to pay attention to speed limits and stop signs, as well as use your directional.

You can review all of the proper material with family and friends when at home, and even familiarize yourself with the testing site. It is very important to be prepared, as the better prepared you are the less stress you will have.

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