Joker Movie Review

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By Nick Digiacomo

In Gotham City, Arthur Fleck is a failed comedian who suffers from mental health issues. He has a condition where he laughs in awkward situations which causes him to get bullied, beaten up, and labeled as an outcast by society. When he is at a meeting with his mental health counselor, she tells him that the program has been shut down and they would not meet again. Arthur is on seven different types of medication to help his mental health. After the program got shut down, he has no way to get the medication that he needs, thus beginning a slow descent into madness as he transforms into the criminal mastermind known as The Joker. 

Firstly, The Washington Post said, “Joaquin Phoenix is a vivid, operatic Joker, but the movie is way too full of itself.” 

However, North Attleboro senior Matthew McSweeny disagreed and said, “I thought it was a great movie and it really showed how the Joker slowly turned crazy.”

The Joker was a great movie. Joaquin Phoenix did a great job of portraying the joker. He really was a perfect fit for the character. At the start of the movie, Arthur was physically healthy but mentally ill. As the story goes on, Arthur was slowly getting skinnier and skinnier as his illness got worse and worse. When the program got cut that’s when he really started to lose weight. This relates to real-life because when people suffer from mental health they tend to lose weight and become very skinny. Overall it was a well-directed and well-portrayed movie about the joker and how mental illness can take a toll on people. I highly recommend watching it. 

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