Senior Spotlight: Brooke Street

by Olivia Hewitt

As senior year begins North Attleboro’s class of 2020 commemorates on their high school experiences. The North volleyball captain Brooke Street shares her insight on high school.  

From the very start of the school year, Brooke has felt being involved in school activities was an essential part of the experience. Because of this, Street is involved in the club Friends of Rachel along with being on the volleyball team. She feels balancing school work and extracurriculars is hard but manageable. When asked if she feels balancing both is stressful Brooke states,” yes because the workload is so large and adding practices and games on top of it, it can get very stressful.”  

  Ms.Street has been playing volleyball for many years, and even earned a spot on the JV team in her freshman year. . Her dedication to the sport earned her the title of “captain” in her senior year. Brooke said this was very exciting for her, and that she felt she was ready for this big leadership role. 

When asked how Brooke is as a captain her fellow teammate, NAHS senior Meghan McCormack states, “ Brooke is very organized, uplifting and kind hearted.” 

photo from Chestnut Hill

Street’s favorite part of being a captain is being able to encourage her teammates and be a good role model to them. Brooke feels being approachable, responsible, and reliable are what makes up a good leader.  

Although extracurriculars and sports take up a lot of Street’s time in high school, she still finds pockets of time to hang with friends, which she feels is also very important. Her favorite activities to do with friends is to just hangout and support them at their sporting events. 

When it comes to her favorite part of the day, Brooke says that seeing her friends everyday is truly one of Brooke’s favorite things about high school.  When asked what one thing she is really going to miss about North Brooke states, “Just being in a familiar environment everyday and seeing my friends that I’ve been with since elementary school everyday.”

Brooke Street has some big plans for after high school that she can’t wait to start on her journey.  She plans to go to college and major in rehabilitation science. She also plans to continue her extracurriculars in college, and might join a club volleyball team just for fun. Some things Brooke finds exciting about going onto college she says,” I’m excited about the new atmosphere and the more freedom.” Although she feels being around her friends everyday is fun, she thinks it’s exciting to be in a new group of people who don’t know her story yet. 

As she enters a new chapter in her life, Brooke will cherish her high school memories forever and feels it really impacted her life overall.

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