The Best and Worst Halloween Candy

By: Kyla Rodrigues

 Halloween is right around the corner, not only does that mean fun costumes but it also means… CANDY!!! Everyone wants their house to be the best trick-or-treating house on the street. So, if you’re looking for ideas, you’ve come to the right place! Here’s a list of the worst and best Halloween candy. 

The Worst: 

As for the worst candy, you might not have heard of many of them. If you have heard of them it is probably because they are so bad. Here are the top three rated worst Halloween candy: 

  • Good & Plenty

This medicine-looking candy is licorice flavored. Most of the trick-or-treating population is not a fan of licorice tasting candies. When asking students at my school, the majority had no idea what this candy was. 

  • Sixlets

This fake chocolate candy is hated by many. Chewing them is not easy, because the outer shell is so hard when you bite down it is almost unbreakable. There is also no flavor and at this point the candy is just a waste of sugar intake. Candy lover, Mariah Daniels, says, “I used to get these in party favors and I would be so mad because they could’ve gotten such better candy.”

  • Whoppers 

These malt balls are hated and unappreciated by the trick-or-treaters. The inside texture is very strange and outside chocolate covering has a waxy feeling. NAHS senior Olivia Hewitt, says, “When I was little and got Whoppers at a house I wouldn’t go back to that house.” 

The Best:                                              

close up view colorful candy chocolate

The names of the best candies are advertised everywhere. The most popular candies are well known because of their delicious taste. If you want kids to love your house on halloween; you need to give out the best candy. Here are the top three best rated halloween candy: 

  • Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup

Peanut butter and chocolate is one of the most delicious food combinations. This candy has a rich chocolate outside with a smooth peanut butter filling in the middle. NAHS senior, Sierra Antonitis, says, “they have the perfect peanut butter and chocolate ratio.” 

  • Twix

Twix candy bars have an overload of delicious flavor between the caramel chocolatey cookie crunch. These are popular amongst many teens and adults. This is a very convenient candy because they sell them at many stores and they come in different sizes. Senior, Danielle Glidden, says, “I love biting into twix bars and satisfying my taste buds with the gooey deliciousness.” 

  • M&M’s 

The classic candy almost everybody loves. These small colorful chocolate candies now come in many different flavors. The original flavor was milk chocolate and now they have many flavors including: peanut, caramel, pretzel, hazelnut, etc. Eight-year-old, Karina Rodrigues, says, “M&Ms are the best candy because they are so small so you can eat more.” 

If you are planning on giving out candy on Halloween then you should focus on the top three rated candies in this article. If you give out the candies that are mentioned in the top three worst candies then kids will not be satisfied. Children look forward to Halloween all month and when they get to a house and receive unwanted candy they get disappointed.



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