What can I be for Halloween?

by: Sarah Marrow

adult celebration child costume
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Whenever the month October hits everyone automatically starts thinking “what am I going to be for Halloween?” Most people are so busy with work and other responsibilities that, by the time they decide, it’s Halloween and they come up with a makeshift costume that they are not proud of. 

If you find yourself looking for a last-minute costume idea, you should just look for an easy costume that doesn’t require a lot of work. The following are some ideas that could work in a pinch.

Look at TV Shows for Inspiration

 For this, think about what your favorite TV shows or movies. Maybe if you have a group of six friends or even less you can dress up as the Friends characters or be the cast from The Office. Friends and The Office both don’t require a lot of effort to be put into their outfits. 

NAHS student Mariah Daniels used the idea of looking at TV shows for inspiration as a way to help her pick out her halloween costumes. She stated, “I did look at TV shows for my halloween costume inspiration. I used the Disney show Ant Farm, to help me for costume inspiration.” 

Go Back to the Basics

Don’t overthink your Halloween costume. If you aren’t feeling creative, put a sheet over your head and be a ghost. Most people aren’t artistically talented so they just buy a costume which is perfectly fine. If you do choose to buy your own costume then make sure to go to the costume store as early as possible so you don’t get the picked over costume. 

NAHS student Olivia Foley states, “When I was little, I always bought my Halloween costume early because I wanted to make sure I got the one I dreamed of.” 

Think of the Kids

Halloween is supposed to allow children to be able to get yummy candy and have a good time dressing up. Most children tend to dress up at an early age. Halloween gives these kids a chance to wear their outfits in public for a reason and not be the only one dressed up. If you have children, you could definitely do a little family halloween costume match up. For example, you could be the “Incredibles,Toy Story, or your favorite superheroes like Spiderman or Batman.

A Tip for Teens

Today, teenagers still decide to go trick or treating. Well, if you are a teenager still going trick or treating at least wear a costume. Teens tend to wear “costumes” which aren’t really costumes. They’re usually wearing some type of “costume shirt” that they designed and that’s it.  When teens wear no costume it looks like your actual age and appears as if they have no spirit and are just in it for the candy. This makes the people you’re receiving candy from, not wanting to give you candy because they know you’re not a child. At least disguise yourself, if you still plan on trick or treating. For example, dressing up as a superhero or an adult elsa, etc. Teenagers in some states like Texas and parts of Virginia can get fined for going trick or treating above a certain age. 

North Attleboro resident, Tammy Marrow gets hundreds of kids at her house for Halloween. She states. “I don’t like giving candy to teenagers because they usually dress up as babies or wear a shirt with an S on it to resemble a skittle. Halloween is supposed to be for the young kids.” 

In conclusion, Halloween is supposed to be a fun time and not a stressful time. Picking outfits can be difficult but you could definitely use your resources like google, pinterest, etc. Think about your favorite things to watch or do and apply that to your thinking process towards Halloween costume ideas. 

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