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  Halloween is a very festive time of the year that many people look forward to. There are many different ways to celebrate the holiday, whether it be trick or treating, watching scary movies, going to a pumpkin patch, or if you are a Halloween Fanatic, some of these spooky festivals may interest you. Instead of focusing on nearby halloween attractions, hop on a flight, grab some friends, and enjoy a little vacation, to one of these spooky locations!



  • Salem Witches Halloween Ball     


  One of the spookiest spots in America is right here in Massachusetts: Salem. According to, Salem is famous for its witch trials that took place back in the 1690’s. Every year, people go there to celebrate Halloween and, while there are many things that take place in Salem during the Halloween season, the most famous event is The Witches Halloween Ball. 

  Festival of the Dead Online reports that hundreds of costumed people arrive in Salem to celebrate making spells for the new year and to honor the dead. During the festival, you can enjoy your time by listening to live music, winning costume prizes, getting free psychic readings, eating some funky witch themed foods, and best of all you can look around at all of the halloween costumes.

“ I went with my family last Halloween and I had the best time dressing up, and getting the chance to be apart of it,” said Rebecca on the witch ball review page. 



  • The Queen Mary’s Dark Harbor


According to the website, this attraction is a huge boat that is docked and filled with six terrifying mazes that include over 200 ghosts, demons, and monsters, that are inspired by “real” spirits that have been known to actually haunt the boat. 

  The experience is said to be like no other with the amount of horrifying events that they have plans. Once you finish with mazes, you can spend the rest of your night enjoying food and beverages, while listening to some live entertainment.

 “ This is by far the scariest Halloween themed event that I have ever been to, the haunted mazes are so realistic and I will never forget it,” said Brian, a first time visitor of Queen Mary’s Dark Harbor.



  • Universal Studios Halloween Horror Night


  In the month of October, Universal Studios totally transforms into a creepy wonderland filled with some of the most realistic attractions that you could imagine. They take your favorite movies and television shows and transform them into scary walkthrough haunted houses that make it seem like you are actually in a movie or television show. 

 Universal’s visitor page states that this year coming up they have things like a Stranger Things Maze, a Ghostbusters Haunted House, Killer Klowns From Outer Space, and the newest one for this year is a Haunted House on the movie Us. During this time, they have scary character’s walking around harassing you.

 “ This has been something that I have always wanted to go to, I always see youtubers vlog while they are there and I hope to experience that soon,” said fellow vlogger and NAHS senior Mariah Daniels. 



  • West Hollywood Halloween Carnaval


This takes place in Southern California, only on October 31st. It includes some costume contests, partying, food and beverages. This festival isn’t for the kids though, so it’s best to leave them at home. “I have been going with my husband for the past couple of years and I will tell you it’s definitely not the best idea to have your kids there,” said a yearly visitor.  

  The costume choices for this festival can often be very risky and mature according to 



  • Village Halloween Parade


 This is a very popular parade that takes place on Halloween in the popular streets of New York City. In order to take part in the parade, all you need is a costume. They allow people of all ages to take place in the parade which is why it is such a fun and popular festival, reports 

“ This seems like something I would want to go to now that I know anyone with a costume can join into the parade,” said Halloween Fanatic and NAHS Student, Ashley Cangiano.

Now It’s time to pick your favorite festival, grab some friends, and start up your mini vacation to one of these terrifying attractions.

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