A look Into the Hock-Volleyball

Ethan Chu

This week’s look into the Hock focuses on the NAHS girl’s volleyball team. The team is having a really good season and hopes to bring home the Hock championship. The girls are currently 12-5 and are number five in the Hock 5. 

Senior captain Brooke Street said, “I’m very excited for the season we should do really well and make playoffs”. She knows that the team had a good chance to make a deep playoff run and possibly win the entire tournament. 

The girls have played many formidable opponents like Mansfield and King Philip throughout the season, but have completed their goal they had for the season which was to end the season with a winning record, finish in the Hock Top 5, and make playoffs. Senior Kathryn Kayata said “I know I’m not going to play college volleyball so I’m making the most of my last year playing probably ever. I wanna make this season last because I won’t be playing anymore.”

Last Friday, many students and teachers attended the senior night game held at the high school against Foxboro. Senior captain Brooke Street said, “I was happy to see how many people showed up to watch”. The captain knows that this is their last regular-season game and one of her and the other senior’s last games to ever play. The girls are going to go all out for the rest of the season and for playoffs. Good luck NAHS volleyball!

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