Attleboro Clinches the Blue Red Cup

By Kyla Rodrigues

Sunday, October 28th, was the biggest game of the season for both Attleboro and North Attleboro’s girls varsity soccer teams. North Attleboro is the defending champion of the Blue Red Cup and has a lot of pressure on them to keep the cup. If North won the game, not only did they get to keep the cup, but they could have knocked Attleboro out of the tournament.

Unfortunately for North, Attleboro prevailed. The game was played on Beaupre Field at 2 PM in the pouring rain, with the game starting off with a ceremony to celebrate the seniors of both teams. Despite the horrendous weather, the teams put up a good fight, and it possession of the ball was mostly equal. Both teams played very defensively allowing minimal shots on net, and both keepers had to play  very patiently and strategically due to the weather.

NAHS Goalie Maria Fitian says, “the ball was so slippery every time it can to me I got nervous.”

The goalies weren’t the only ones struggling with the weather: NAHS senior striker, Melissa McDermott said,  “the slippery ground made it almost impossible to receive passes because the ball would bounce or skid all over the place.”

In the 52nd minute, an Attleboro forward redirected the ball into the back of the net during a scramble. The refs were very consistent with their calls, Attleboro received multiple yellow cards due to roughness especially after the play.

Mrs. Lauzier, a math teacher at North Attleboro High School with a daughter that plays for Attleboro said, “Attleboro plays dirty but our players walked off the field with more injuries.” This statement is true, however, North did not get nearly as many calls.

Despite the result of the match, it was a well rounded game for both teams. The previous time the teams played each other the result was a 1-1 tie, so the result of this match was unpredictable.

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