Restaurants In North Attleboro


by Bella Erti

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  Do you ever get sick of going to the same chain restaurants, and getting the same things over and over again? North Attleboro is actually filled with so many different types of restaurants that aren’t a part of a chain. If you are ever hungry and looking for something new to try,  you should go to one of these amazing nearby places.

Los Antojito’s 

  Los Antojito’s is a Latin American Restaurant that has opened in the last year here in North Attleboro. You can find it right in the center of town, and you definitely won’t miss it. 

According to the words from the chef link on  “ Our food is influenced by different cultures and we’re passionate about our food and proud to serve authentic homemade cuisine with an emphasis on flavor using only the freshest ingredients,”. They have specials like $2.00 Taco Tuesday, which is a great deal for sure!

Antojito’s is open Tuesday through Sunday and they have very reasonable hours so that you can enjoy a great meal and have a fun night with some friends. You can visit if you have any questions, or if you want to check out a full menu. 

Table at 10

  Table at 10 is another restaurant that is located in the center of town. This place is for more for a date night or a nice dinner with family or friends. 

“ Table at 10 offers a comfortable, friendly atmosphere where family and friends gather to enjoy new American comfort food favorites,” says the owner of Table at 10 according to the words from the chef link on their website. The scenery of the restaurant is very well put together, which is one of the reasons why this restaurant is worth visiting. Since Table at 10 is very small, you are also able to rent it out for things like Baby Showers, Birthday’s, and any other celebration that you might want to have and it is a perfect place for any of them. can lead you to a full menu, and any other information you may need.


  NorthWorks is a pretty big hit here in North Attleboro. They have outside seating where you can enjoy the scenery of downtown. They have a loaded menu with things like soup, salad, sandwiches, burgers, and they even have breakfast, and dessert.

“  I love getting NorthWorks with my family after a long day of school for me and work for them, it is basically comfort food,” says NAHS student Alyssa Freitas. If you want to find a full menu you can go to

Bella Sarno

   Bella Sarno has become a known name here in North Attleboro. It has some of the best Italian food in town. The restaurant itself is very pretty and set up well. They also have separate rooms that you can host parties of your choice. A lot of the High School sports use Bella Sarno as a place to have their end of year banquets, and the service is always perfect. 

“ I love going there on dates, because it’s a very friendly, and comfortable place to be at,” said Plainville Resident Faith Turinese. If you need to get in touch with an owner, find a review or see a menu visit 

Box Seats

  Box Seats is another big hit here in North Attleboro, and if you have yet to try it, you are missing out. Box Seats is a very comfortable, family friendly sports bar and grille, that has a huge menu filled with burgers, pizza, pasta, salad, sandwiches, and they even have a full gluten free menu. Not many places have gluten free menus so that is a plus. “ I have celiac disease and it is very hard for me to find places that I can enjoy good food, so when I was introduced, I make the drive of 50 minutes to go there more than I should, “ said Colby Crosby who is gluten free. The website is, that is where you can find hours, contact information, full menu, and more.


 Now that you are aware of nearby restaurants that can fill your need of hunger, you need to choose one of them to try. Stop going to the same chain restaurants over and over again when you can try different foods, that are for sure cooked better, and with more care. It gets even better because you don’t have to travel far at all, because they are right here in town!

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