Senior Spotlight: Lindsay Robinson

By Taylor Gorman

As the NAHS school year starts up, so do all of the “lasts” for the class of 2020: the last sports season, last Homecoming, and last year at NAHS. The seniors are very excited, but sad at the same time. 

Senior Lindsay Robinson has been impacted immensely by the four years of high school, by making friends, joining clubs and sports, and making unforgettable memories. She has stated that “my senior year is just starting and I already cannot wait to see what will happen.”   

Ever since freshman year Lindsay  has been involved in clubs, such as Leo Club, Friends of Rachel, and is a part of the National Honors Society. She also competes for the NAHS Gymnastics team and plays for the field hockey team. 

Field Hockey has been a big part of Lindsay’s life for several years. Robinson started on the JV team when she was just a freshman. As a sophomore, the coach put her as a swing for playing on both JV and Varsity. She states, “I was very excited to work hard with varsity but still glad I got playing time on JV.”  Once it was Junior year she officially got the spot on Varsity. When the team was at their banquet, Lindsay found out she is going to be the Captain of the team for the next season. Robinson says, “I was very happy and proud of myself.” 

Photo taken from Chestnut Hill Studios

When asking, Faith Graveline, a NAHS Senior who also plays for the team, she states “She got stuff done, she’s a hard worker, but sometimes I can’t take her seriously when she talks in the group.”  

Lindsay is also the Captain of the Gymnastics team. Even though the season has not started, she is very excited for what is to come.  

While doing all these activities she also has to balance all the school work she has. While taking multiple honors classes and some AP classes, Robinson states, “Some classes are harder than others depending on what homework I have. I have a lot of late nights but it is a good life lesson for time management.”  

With all the sports, school work, and her job, Robinson is constantly busy. But when asked how does she likes to spend her free time, she says that she likes to surround herself with her friends and just have fun. Her favorite thing is to go on car rides, to listen and sing to music really loud or simply hang out at one of her friends’ houses.

As her high school career is coming to an end, she has been caught up with planning her future. She has looked at multiple schools but her dream school is University of New Hampshire. Here she wants to study and become a physician assistant. 

Even though Robinson is very excited to see what the future holds for her, she is sad that her worst nightmare of ending High School is becoming a reality. 

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