What to get a Loved One on a Budget during Christmas Time

by Sarah Marrow

Even though it’s only October, Christmas is right around the corner. Everyone thinks it’s so far away but once you get wrapped up in Halloween,Thanksgiving, parties, work, and before you know it, it’s Christmas.

The question people most frequently ask themselves is “what do I get my loved one for Christmas?” Kids are easy to buy for because their constantly asking for brand new toys. On the other hand, loved ones like spouse, parents, or grandparents can be harder because they don’t ask for as much. 

If you’re stuck for ideas, here is a list of tips that you can use to get a loved one something special while on a budget.

christmas-gifts-presents (1)
  1. Think About Their Hobbies

First, think about what your loved ones likes/hobbies. For instance, if your loved one likes music and is trying to become a musician, then buy them a gift card to go towards new music equipment. In that situation, you’re not giving them a ton of money, you’re just helping them get a step closer to chasing their dreams. If your buying for one of your friends, then think about if they play sports or not. If they do then buy them a gift card to a store like “Dicks” or “Target” to get shoes or equipment. You could also, even go to Target and go to the one dollar section and pick out a cute mug and fuzzy socks and give that to someone special costing you less than $10. 

NAHS student Olivia Foley states, “I always go to the Target one dollar section, and get my friends birthday gifts there so why not get Christmas gifts also there. Especially since, they’ll have Christmas related gifts, like Christmas socks.” 

  1. Make something from your heart

Parents are by far the hardest people to buy for. Parents always tell their children “don’t spend your money on me, I just want you to behave.” Parents say that, but in reality their children obviously don’t listen. Therefore, a gift you could make your parents is envelopes full of reasons why you love them. If you’re on a tight budget all you need for this gift is envelopes which you could improvise with using just a big jar from your house. Also, you would need paper that you most likely have at your house and a marker to write down reasons why you love them. Another gift idea you could get for your mother is just a simple bouquet of flowers. A small bouquet could cost you a minimum of $10 and could mean so much to your mother. 

North Attleboro resident, Tammy Marrow states, “I don’t need my kids to spend their money on me, a simple card does enough justice to show how much they love me.” 

  1. Use your resources 

Middle and High school students get an SLP at some time during their day. Not all kids get a free period everyday but you may get time after class to work on other class work. Take advantage of that “free time” and make your loved ones a Christmas gifts. You could use your teachers supplies and make a card or write them a letter and tell them how much they mean to you. In that instance, making something from your classroom is not requiring you any money, it’s just requiring some effort to be put into whatever your making. If your in elementary school, you definitely have time to make cards and create a pretty picture you can give to someone on Christmas, with no cost included. 

NAHS student Annette Limoges states, “If I have a free period, I do tend to make my family cards. I usually make a card pile and then cut out fun little things to put on the card. If I was on a tight budget I would just make my loved ones a card.” 

  1. Relaxation Day

A good gift you could get your loved one is simply a relaxation day, which requires no cost included. A relaxation day could include: breakfast in bed, you clean the house (vacuum, dishes, laundry, take care of the animals if you have any), let your loved one sleep in on Christmas morning. Part of their relaxation day could include you not complaining about what you’re about to do for this person. 

Erin Fort, Seekonk resident of one child says, “ I constantly need a relaxation day because even though I only have one child, working every night with children is also stressful. If my daughter gave me a relaxation day I would be a happy camper.” 

  1. Amazon

Amazon is taking over everything because they have everything. Amazon have gifts that you can get engraved with their name or something symbolic, costing you under $40. Since you’re on a budget, you may not be able to purchase this engraved gift by yourself so either split it with a friend, sibling,or parent. Amazon is also cheap so you could always look at the stuff under whatever your budget is, when looking for gifts. 

No matter what you decide, remember that it doesn’t matter how much you spend on a person, what matters is the thought that counts. It doesn’t matter if you don’t have a lot of money, a simple card can send just as nice of a message as a $100 gift. 

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