Club Review: Dance Club

By Taylor Gorman

At North Attleboro High School there are a bunch of clubs that anyone can join. There is art club, science club, kindness club, and so much more. If you like to dance, then dance club is just for you. 

This club was just recently created by  science teacher Mrs. Montagna. Dance club has several classes that are taught by the seniors and does not require any auditions. The classes include Contemporary, Lyrical, Basic Skills, Hip Hop, Sassy Jazz, and Jazz Funk. 

Jazz Funk:

This dance is a type of cheer but there is more dancing involved rather than cheer routines. This class is taught by Senior Kalin Malcolmson. She says, “ I am going to teach a combination to a pop song.”

Sassy Jazz: 

This type of dance shows the dancers originality: their footwork, their big leaps, and their quick turns. This dance is taught by Maddie Frechette. 

Hip Hop: 

It is an energetic dance and allows the dancer to perform with freedom of movement. Hip Hop will be taught by Sarah Marrow. She says, “I’m teaching Hip Hop December 10th. I want to do more fast paced dances, because I feel like the team needs to be more fast pace and have more of a swaggy warm-up.” 

Basic Skills:

This club is taught by the two captains of the dance team, Olivia Hewitt and Emma Graveline. They will go over the basic dance skills such as, pirouette turns, splits, basic steps, and more.


Lyrical is a mix of Ballet, Jazz, Acrobatics, and Modern dance. It is a faster pace than Ballet by not as fast as Jazz. This class is taught by NAHS student Olivia Hewitt. She states, “I’m planning a nice warm up stretch and combination that will be slow but will pick up at times and be really dramatic.”   


This is an expressive dance that includes jazz, lyrical, and ballet. Contemporary is taught by NAHS student Emma Graveline. 

There is one dance that is taught once every month, typically on Tuesdays. You can pick any class you would like to do and they are about an hour long. In order to join, you have to sign up and pay the club fee, which is 150 dollars. If there are any questions you can email Mrs. Montagna or one of the seniors.

Picture Source: NAHS Dance Team Instagram 


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