Club Review: Friends Of Rachel

Taken by Roosevelt principal

by Sarah Marrow

In 1999, a 17-year old girl named Rachel Scott was the first student killed in Columbine High School shooting. Rachel’s parents came up with Friends of Rachel because they found her journal where she talked about the idea of creating a chain reaction of kindness throughout her journal. She wrote whenever you do something nice for something it leaves you feeling not only good for that person but good about yourself. 

Friends of Rachel was promoted throughout the North Attleboro Middle School and now is promoted throughout NAHS due to the presidents Olivia Foley and Olivia Hewitt making this club possible. 

Why did the presidents move Friends of Rachel to NAHS?

Co-president Olivia Foley explained that Friends of Rachel was brought to NAHS because it would be a great way of promoting kindness throughout the school. Also, because making someone feel good about themselves not only makes you feel good but you just put a smile on someone else’s face. 

Friends of Rachel president Olivia Foley states, “It was something (Olivia Hewitt and I) were both super involved in during middle school and we thought it was something that could be added to the high school.”

What do you do in Friends of Rachel? 

Friends of Rachel at NAHS consists of one meeting during each week, in which you make random acts of kindness. A random act of kindness could include making posters around the school with positive quotes on them or simply just complimenting people. 

Foley explained that “Every Tuesday we meet to do different types of projects that involve random acts of kindness. These acts have the goal of making NAHS a better place.” 

Why is FOR so important? Why should other people get involved in FOR?

Friends of Rachel is important because it’s solely based around kindness, which is a trait everyone should have. Being kind makes not only the school but the world a better place. People should get involved in FOR because the club is not run by an adult, it’s all students. The students running the club base it apon creativity and making people leave feeling better about themselves. 

Friends of Rachel member and self-proclaimed vice president Mariah Daniels states, “Friends of Rachel is important because it creates an inclusive environment for any student to express their willingness to help others and be kind. Other people should get involved in Friends of Rachel because it helps so many people, the more that join the more people that benefit this cause.” 

Will FOR still exist considering Seniors started FOR at NAHS? If so who will run FOR?

Friends of Rachel will most likely still exist when the seniors graduate because there’s not only seniors in the FOR. Friends of Rachel is for any class grade. 

One of the presidents of the Friends Of Rachel, Olivia Hewitt states, “Yes, Friends of Rachel will exist. We are trying to leave it off to two juniors before the end of this year.” 

If you are looking for a club to join, then join Friends Of Rachel which is held in Ms. Violettes room(room 224). The meetings are held every Tuesday and if they are going to be canceled Ms. Violette or either president will notify you.

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