Club Review: Movie Club

Photo taken from Google Images

By Olivia Hewitt

North Attleboro High School has many clubs and activities students can participate in. They have many different types of clubs to allow every student an opportunity to join a group where they all have something in common. The clubs vary from dance and hacky sack to video game and kindness. One club that gained popularity this year is movie club. This club is for all the movie lovers out there who love watching and really diving into the movies and their storyline.

The Movie Club, led by senior Isabelle Briggs,  meets every Thursday in the media center and currently have around eight people that participate in the club.  When asked why she joined the club Briggs stated, “I really enjoy movies, I thought that it would be fun to join and it was! I’m so thankful I was picked to lead it this year.” 

Each meeting they have is a little different each week depending on what movie they watch that week. They first start with trivia on the past movie they all watched and see who really understood what the movie was about. After they do that they usually discuss what they liked and disliked about the movie and everyone gets to voice their opinion. The person who wins trivia gets to pick what movies they watch next. 

One of the members senior Tanner Barr states, “This club is a lot of fun and a perfect way to meet new people and make new friends who have the same interests as you.”

Letting everyone get a chance to pick makes it so you aren’t watching the same genre of movies over and over it allows for a change in pace. Sometimes people join clubs to be around other people who like the same things as them and it makes it easier for the shy kids to make friends in ways the classroom doesn’t. This club makes it easy for those kids because everyone is heard in their own way, they are all different and they like different kinds of movies but get along very well. Movie club is accepting of everyone and believe different opinions are always welcome. 

Senior Mariah Daniels states, ”Now knowing what this club is about and the things you do i would really consider joining it sounds like a lot of fun.” 

If you enjoy watching movies and want to make some new friends head to the Media Center on Thursday or contact Isabelle Briggs.

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